Giuliano Berretta

Founder and President of Oberon Media and president of DBW Communication
He has always played a leading role in the sphere of European and global Telecommunications. President and CEO of Eutelsat until 2012, he was part of the growth and transformation of a private company worth 7 billion euros. Present in the most important international associations in this sector, he is currently one of the five Italian members of the International Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences (Emmy Awards)

Cristina Marques

Has twenty years’ experience in the production of audiovisual contents, including multiple international projects, and specific experience in the areas of opera, documentaries, press office activity and the organization of international festivals.

Manuel Cataldo

Sales Manager
Over the years she has organised a number of television and cinema productions, working with national and international companies in the sector. Her academic and professional background has enabled her to develop a dynamic approach, being able to adapt to multiform languages and developments in the audiovisual sector.

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